LGBTReadathon 22nd–28th June: Wrap Up

I planned to read three books and an audiobook for the readathon.
I have surprised myself and am really pleased that I managed that!

a-work-in-progress-9781476791616_hrMonday: On Monday I had a five-hour train journey. Train journeys are always extremely helpful when you want to power through a book. I read all of Connor Franta’s A Work In Progress. It was a lovely book filled with stunning photographs. If you are a fan of Connor then it’s definitely worth a read, and hey, check it out even if not!

TheThingIDidntKnowHARTINGERTuesday-Wednesday: Had a bit of a slump. Began reading Boy Meets Boy and started listening to The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know.

23228Thursday: I decided I was so far behind that I had to read the rest of Boy Meets Boy that night. It was difficult for me to get into at the beginning but it certainly picked up and had a lovely ending.

Aristotle-and-Dante-Discover-the-Secrets-of-the-UniverseFriday-Sunday: I began reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the secrets of the Universe, finishing it while visiting my Auntie on Sunday. Wow! Just Wow! I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone and everyone! It’s not difficult to read, you seem to fly through it. Seriously, go read it!
I also finished listening to The Thing I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know. It’s the newest in the Russel Middlebrook series of books by Brent Hartinger. Whereas the first four books come under the category of YA fiction, this one (the first in the “The Futon Years” series) is definitely not YA. It fit’s into the New Adult category, as you might expect, as Russel is no longer 16 but is now 23. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole series, and this was a great addition.

I thoroughly enjoyed this readathon. It sounds like Faye is going to host more in the future. I already have a reading list building!!


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