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gatsby-2_1024x1024Today is my birthday, and before I came down to England to spend summer at home, my lovely flatmate, Alex, gave me an early birthday present of a litograph of my favourite book, The Great Gatsby. (She’s fab!)

A litograph is a picture made out of the words of a book. This picture can then be printed as a poster, t-shirt or tote bag. They are, in my opinion, a wonderful idea that means you can hang your favourite book on your wall or even wear it!

Something else quirky that has been done by is a “tattoo chain” where they broke Alice in Wonderland down into chunks of a few words and made these chunks into transfer tattoos and posted them off to participants. The participants then send the website a photo of them wearing the tattoo and they are published in sequence. You can view that here.

Just to make the company even more wonderful, for each book they sell they send one “new, high-quality book to a community in need” as a way of “promoting literacy all over the world.”

I think this company is super awesome so go check them out. 😀


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