A couple of weeks ago, I set to and finally watched the Lord of The Rings Trilogy – yes I got to 21 years of life and hadn’t yet seen it, I know, I know. I thoroughly enjoyed them in all their extended edition glory.

This is where it gets a bit spooky. I watched Fellowship of the Ring on a Sunday, followed by The Two Towers on the following Tuesday. I then found out that one of the uni unions was hosting an LOTR themed pub quiz on the Friday night. What a coincidence! So obviously I watched Return of The King on Thursday in readiness.

We didn’t win. Nor did we come in the top four teams competing however we could console ourselves with the thought that we didn’t come last. 😛

After all the excitement of the frantic watching and pub quizzing was over, I decided that I would like to go and actually read the books. So me being me, I bought the prettiest series publication that I could find. I not only purchased The Lord of The Rings but also of course The Hobbit, and even The Silmarillion because I really wanted to be able to read into the origins of Tolkien’s mythology (or Legendarium, as he was known to call it).

I am currently about a quarter of the way through the Silmarillion and really enjoying it! I love reading the whole world building and historical aspect. It reminds me of reading the Game of Thrones companion book The Worlds of Ice and Fire.

As excited as I am to read the whole series, it is also very daunting when you stop and think about how many words I have in front of me. However I fully plan to see this series through.

So here I think I will sign off and go and read the next chapter of The Silmarillion, “Of Men”. Exciting! ;D


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